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Below we have gathered a few answers to FAQs and some helpful information for all of you car owners out there. For more tips, tricks, and all-around auto body advice – like us on FacebookAnd as always, we’re just a phone call away for those tough questions.

How to Choose the Right Body Shop (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence)

As a vehicle owner, your chances of needing the services of a collision repair and refinishing facility are greater than you think. Whether it’s from storm damage, rust and corrosion, acid rain and harsh sunlight, or an automobile accident outright, the risks are real. It’s wise, then, to know how to select a body shop… Read more

What to do in the Event of an Accident (AAA)

An auto collision can be an emotional and exhausting experience. Many motorists drive defensively, take driver education courses and prepare for stressful driving situations, but unfortunately vehicle collisions still occur… Read more

Cleaning Bird Poop From Your Car: The Acidic Nightmare (Behind the Detail)

It looks harmless enough, if not rather disgusting, driving along when a big splat of bird poop splatters all over the hood of your car. It looks terrible but you just drive through it not knowing how aggressive that powerful organic acid is when reacting chemically with your automotive paint. If you did, you would rush to the first available carwash… Read more

Avoiding Deer-Car Collisions (Insurance Information Institute)

The explosion in the deer population has lead to a continuing increase in deer-car collisions. This trend will only increase as the deer population grows and urban habitats continue to encroach upon rural environments… Read more

5 Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Paint in the Winter (Bankrate)

Harsh winter weather — and the dirt and road salt it brings — can wreak havoc on your car’s paint finish. Not only is worn paint unattractive, it can reduce your vehicle’s value when you attempt to sell it or trade it in…Read more

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