Free collision repair estimate in York & Lancaster PA

Now that your car has been damaged, you need to get it repaired, and fast, so that your life can go back to normal. Unfortunately, collision repairs tend to be expensive, especially since many shops overcharge. Here at Hake’s Body Shop, we’ll never overcharge you, and as soon as you bring your car to our shop you’ll receive a free repair estimate while you wait. Estimates take approximately 30-45 minutes.

There are no surprises when it comes to your repair estimate. Not only will our experienced team of collision repair technicians personally examine your car, but we’ll also use cutting edge computer technology to guarantee that you get the most accurate and comprehensive estimate possible. We will develop a customized repair plan unique to your car, and also work with your insurance company to make sure that your claim is approved in a timely manner. Other shops might give you an estimate and then try to charge you an arm and a leg, but not us, we’re committed to standing by our estimates.

The only time we will send you a bill for more than what our initial estimate was, is when we need to purchase a new part for your car due to the old part no longer working. You will always be informed before we purchase the new parts to make sure you’re fine with our decision.

If you’re in the York PA area and you need collision repairs, you’ve found the right collision repair shop! Come visit Hake’s Body Shop today to receive your free repair estimate & great service that will leave you satisfied, call 717-252-3836 to learn more!

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