Minor Repairs For Your Car

Not every accident results in major damage, luckily for you! Even though your car isn’t that damaged, a broken windshield wiper, dent or headlight can still cause problems for you. If not repaired quickly, a minor repair can also cause further damage, so it’s best that you get your car fixed ASAP. Besides that, it just looks bad anyway.

We have the necessary experience and equipment to remove any scratch, dent or other damage quickly so that you don’t have to sit around waiting all day. We take care of the minor damage to your car quickly & professionally. As soon as you bring your car to our shop, you’ll receive a free upfront repair estimate, which will also include how long your repair will take.

Our collision repair technicians are trained and certified to deal with both minor and major damage to cars, whether it’s just a scratch or a missing door, we’ve got you covered! After over 30 years of servicing cars in the York & Lancaster PA areas, we’ve seen it all, trust us. We know exactly how to use the latest modern equipment to give your car the same look it had before it got damaged.

No matter how minor the damage is to your car, the professional and friendly collision repair experts at Hake’s Body Shop would love to take a look at your car and help you out. Even if you choose not to let us help you, we can still provide you with great advice free of charge. Call 717-252-3836 to schedule your free estimate today, we’re waiting for you!

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